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Music & Dance Contest - 2013
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Lakshmi Sri offers temple jewellery, accessories and costume stitching for Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam, Odissi, Folk Dances. Also for Mythelogical and Historical Our costume tailors are highly experienced. Lakshmi Sri is into organization and execution of classical dance programs such as Arangetram (A Debut Performance), a dance recital, annual day of dance schools, a private programme etc.

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kuchipudiThese dancers adorn themselves with traditional temple jewellery wich includes head, hands, waist ornaments and ghungroo(gajjalu). The dancer wears a stiched costume which has the angrakha, blouse, pyjama. To make it easy for you to order we divided the jewellery set as follows.

Head set

consiting of surya, chandrama pieces and matti jumkas, flower set, half bun, full bun(specially decorated hair buns and rings in different shapes and designs very convinient to fix on head, readymade plane jada or decorated jada stiched with rings, flowers set(breaded hair), jada kuchullu. Available which can be fixed in 5 minutes.

kuchipudiBody set

Consists of generally temple stone or gold plated, imitation jewllery available as short necklace, long necklace, bajubandhs 2 pieces, bangles set of 2-6 pieces and vaddanam. For male artists we provide coustume stiching as in image above suchas body bit and lower bit or pyjama in ornaments generally temple stone gold plated imitation gewellery consisting of short necklace long necklace bajuband 2 pieces waist band and bracelets 2 piece and also gungroo(gajjalu) Best quality Ghoongru stiched on leather ,cloth & Cotton Thrread by hand for all dance forms available with reliable & comfort fit.

Make up Cosmetics

Indian and foreign makeup cosmetic materials and makeup made easy in CD form for self dance makeup available.

we also provide mythological and historical characters to know more click ......(link to mythological historical characters).

Kuchipudi is a well known classical dance form of India which originates from Andhra Pradesh. Kuchipudi is after the name of a village of the same name in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh in south India.

kuchipudiIn 1678 when Nawab of Golkunda, Abul Hassan happened to be there, enjoyed and liked the kuchipudi performance very much. He was so impressed and delighted by the presentation of the dance drama that he gifted away the village to the performing troupe. Since then it came to be known as 'Kuchipudi'.

From this village, Kuchipudi spread to neighbouring districts and now to towns and cities of various countries. In ancient times, it was 'Devadasi' or 'maid servants of god' who used to perform these dance drama in the temples and shrines before the deities.

As devadasis disintegrated and deteriorated, Kuchipudi also started losing its identity but a number of 'Brahman' experts of the arts collected at 'Kuchipudi Village' and settled down there with a determination to preserve the dance-drama and its pristine purity and grandeur.

kuchipudiKuchipudi is generated by 'Bhakti Cult' and has imbibed elements from both bharatanatyam and folk form such as Yakshagan. Kuchipudi is also famous for some very complicated items of original foot work such as tracing out an outline of a lion or an elephant without keeping the full feet on the floor, or dancing with the feet on the edges of a circular brass tray or with a water pot delicately and precariously balanced on the head. This dance is recognised as classical dance in 1950s.

Accompaniments and costume

The kuchipudi dance drama is accompanied by carnatic music system which sometimes has a film music touch. The other instruments include Mridangam (the drum), Nattuvangam, Veena, Violin and flute.

The dancers adorn themselves with the traditional temple jewellery which includes head, ear, neck, hands, fingers, waist ornaments. The dancer wears a stitched costume which has five pieces including the angrakha, blouse and pyjama.

Terms and Conditions: Select the items you like mention the quantity and address to be shipped to. E-mail info@lakshmisri.com .This selected items can be shift you in 25 days for costume stitching others 10 days once the full payment is made. Some times there may be slight variation in the selected items as they are hand made.

Payment Options: We accept orders through e-mail and the payment should be made by through..

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